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Saturnic clearings

Saturn – astrologically (as far my knowing goes) –  stands for crystallization, structure, truth.
In structuring our lives, his energy may be felt as disillusioning and harsh, especially when retrograde. But he helps to clear our dreamy stuff that may hinder a clear sight and space for life and actions.
For instance in our body the bones are the structure, where all organs, flesh and the liquid bloodsystem is rooted. Without it we would probably be big-blob amoebas still crawling on the oceans ground.
Bigger structures, like states and organisations in these years are “tested” for their truthful functioning and authenticity (through pluto in capricorn) …

Old man Finkelstein is brought to court for alleged rape. He pleads guilty by reason of insanity. “Insanity?” asks the judge. “You look perfectly sane to me.” Oh, I am,” says the old man. “It is sex I’m crazy about.”


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Beloved PN ~ I mentioned Saturn in my last post without any explanation. I really did not want to add any more words to it. There’s probably a bit we both might say about what we’ve learned through our lives about Saturn’s influence and hard lessons… but maybe you could say a little something — astrologically speaking? When you have the time.  ~LP

Hubble Space Telescope image of a storm on Saturn

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